5 Health Benefits Of Banana Peels That You Probably Didn't Know About

5 Health Benefits Of Banana Peels That You Probably Didn't Know About


Bananas are nutritious and delicious fruits with fibre, vital potassium, and antioxidants like vitamin C. 

Bananas are a fruit that is great for an instant and slightly prolonged energy source because they are mainly composed of sugars (glucose, fructose, and sucrose).

The peel of a banana is often discarded before consumption. However, While you may be aware of the advantages of eating bananas, did you know that banana peels also have health advantages? Yes, you're correct. 

This article explains the benefits of banana peels and how to maximize their use.

Not only are bananas renowned for their high nutritional value and mineral contents, but they are also a convenient and wholesome snack option that can be enjoyed anytime. 

However, we typically throw away the banana peels (or use them for home composting). You might be surprised to learn that banana peels are a rich source of polyphenols, carotenoids, and other antioxidants that can help your body and skin fight harmful free radicals. 

It is a beautiful fruit (a berry!) that people consume from green to black as long as they aren't allergic to bananas. But what about the peel of the banana? Like most others, you probably just threw it in the trash after eating the portion inside the peel.

The banana peel has never been utilized for anything other than comedic skits about people tripping.


Glistening Teeth


If you have brownish teeth, rubbing banana peels on them will significantly aid tooth whitening. It is frequently recommended to do this at least twice daily. 

After sanding, leave the teeth alone for an hour, then rinse your mouth and brush regularly. For a week, rub the banana peel on your teeth for about a minute each day. This process might lead to tooth whitening, which would otherwise be quite expensive.


May Treat Acne


Massage banana peels daily on your face and body to treat acne for five minutes daily. Within a week, the results should be apparent. Apply the peels consistently until the acne is gone.

Applying banana peels to your face is something you should think about doing if you have acne all over your face. Take the peels and rub your look with the rough side (the interior portion that touches the banana).


Stops Skin Irritability


Massage the banana peel against the irritated area if you received a mosquito bite or another bug irritating your skin. After some time, the irritation will go away. 

According to anecdotal evidence, banana peels are effective at getting rid of warts and preventing the growth of new ones. Apply the peel to the region that is afflicted or bind the peel to the area for the night. This method is one of the simplest uses for a banana peel.


Maintains Kidney Health


Annually, 190,000 new instances of kidney cancer occur. Research published in the International Journal of Cancer shows that eating whole fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, is very beneficial for kidney health.

Regular fruit and vegetable eating, particularly bananas, cabbage, and root vegetables, may lower the incidence of kidney cancer because phenolic antioxidant chemicals are particularly abundant in bananas and many root vegetables.


Peels Of Bananas For Healthy Hair


According to proponents of natural products for health and beauty, a banana peel is an important component in a hair mask. It is said to soften and shine up your hair.

They cite the antioxidants in banana peels as one approach to support their assertion. They claim these antioxidants combat free radicals to maintain healthy, strong hair.


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